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Update student information now!


Lexington County School District Three encourages its returning students and their parents/guardians to update each student’s personal information during the summer months.  If you moved during the 2014-15 school year or are moving during the summer or have changed your telephone number during that time, please provide the new information to your child’s school as soon as possible  If you have moved, you will need to provide “proof of residency” documentation at your new address.  This can be an electricity bill, home phone bill, cable, satellite or water bill that has been issued within the last two months.  You may also bring a county tax notice on your home (not on cars or other personal property).  Driver’s licenses are not accepted a proof of residency.

Those individuals who have recently gained legal custody of children who are enrolled in Lexington Three schools should bring the legal documents to the District Office in order to have the ability to receive information about the children from the schools.  Please call Maryjo Marcavage at 532-4423 for more information about this special circumstance.

By providing this information to your child’s school now, the District can make sure that the information is updated within its data base and any information that is mailed by the school will reach parents/guardians in a timely fashion.  Please remember that you will need to contact each child’s school separately in order to make sure that information is updated on all children in your household.

All District Three schools are open to the public from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday through August 6thParents/guardians who have moved during the summer or last school year are encouraged to bring new “proof of residency” documentation to their child’s school by Monday, July 27, so that the updated information will be listed on the student’s information sheet.  Parents will be asked to review the student’s information sheet during Fee Collection/Schedule Pick Up Day on Thursday, August 6th