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Batesburg-Leesville High School’s 1:1 Technology Initiative is a reality

Batesburg-Leesville High School principal Pat Padgett and Lexington 3 Chief Academic Officer Angie Rye enjoy helping B-L High seniors Asia Gantt and Aleah Haltiwanger learn to use their new Chromebooks

Batesburg-Leesville High School principal Pat Padgett and Lexington 3 Chief Academic Officer Angie Rye enjoy helping B-L High seniors Asia Gantt and Aleah Haltiwanger learn to use their new Chromebooks.

After months of preparation, all students in 10th through 12th grades at Batesburg-Leesville High School received new Chromebooks on Thursday, January 14 during first period. The deployment of the new Chromebooks is part of Lexington District 3’s highly anticipated 1:1 technology initiative that is being funded by a $530,000.00 grant received by the district in October from the State Department of Education. Through the grant, students in grades 6-12 will receive a Chromebook to use throughout the school year. Middle School students will receive their Chromebooks in the near future and ninth graders received their Chromebooks in November. Not only are students receiving Chromebooks, but the grant also funds professional development for teachers. Because of the funding for new Chromebooks at B-L Middle and High, students at Batesburg-Leesville Primary School will have the use of iPads that will be moved from B-L Elementary; and students at B-L Elementary will receive Chromebooks that are currently being used at B-L Middle, so Lexington 3 will have 1:1 technology at almost all grade levels.

The 1:1 initiative has been a top priority of Lexington 3 for several years, but because of limited local technology funding, the district has had to add technology when funding was available. The $530,000.00 grant gave the district a “shot in the arm” and has allowed the district to purchase the new equipment much faster than anticipated.

Lexington 3 would like to thank iSchool Initiative for providing both technical support and personnel to assist its faculty and Tech Team Advocates in the deployment of the Chromebooks at B-L High on January 14th.

Christmas may have come on December 25, but for Lexington 3 students in grades 6-12, it also came in January this year too!