Public invited to weigh in on Town Council compensation

The Batesburg-Leesville Town Council is poised to give itself a pay cut at Monday’s regular monthly meeting, but before they do, the general public has a chance to speak out about what — if anything — they should be paid

Council is scheduled to take up second reading of an ordinance setting compensation for Council members and the mayor. The ordinance, which received first reading in January, would trim members’ monthly pay from $500 per month to $400 and pay the mayor $200 per month. The ordinance also would set attendance requirements for Council members to be paid.

A public hearing is scheduled for the top of the 7 p.m. meeting, giving Town residents the time to weigh in on the topic. Historically, Town Council public hearings end quickly because of citizen apathy; generally, no one is willing to step up and speak about agenda items when public hearings are called.

Other items on the agenda following the public hearing include approval of the contractor and funding for improvements to the Brodie Mill Pump Station; an update from the Town’s hospitality tax committee; and a couple of proclamations.