Local church plans prayer service during ‘moment of crisis’

With racial tensions and violent protests rising across the country, and with the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, one local church has planned a day of prayer and fasting, culminating with a community prayer service Tuesday, June 2 at 7 p.m.

“Our nation is in a moment of crisis. There’s no denying it. Not only are we still facing the effects of COVID-19, but now there are violent protests, riots, angry retaliations, unjust killings, weeping and sadness taking place all across the country,” the church announcement stated. “In the Bible, Jesus taught that fasting was primarily a practice accompanied with prayer during a time of mourning, grieving, sadness and waiting. This is definitely a time for that in our nation.”

Riots in major cities across America have followed the death last week of George Floyd, an African-American suspect, as he was being subdued by police in Minneapolis, Minn. The protests and looting came as the number of COVID-19 cases across the U.S. approached 1.8 million infections and the death toll topped 104,000.

Christ Community Church has encouraged local residents to participate in a 24-hour fast beginning after dinnertime Monday night and continuing through the prayer service.

“When fasting, we are voluntarily entering in to physical pain and discomfort in order to join in God’s pain and sadness over the results of sin in our world,” the announcement stated. “When you would normally eat a meal or snack, or when your stomach reminds you that you are hungry, take that opportunity to pray about the brokenness that is apparent in our world.”

With the continued threat of coronavirus infection, and with the number of positive cases rising in the most recent reports from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, Pastor Kent Suits said in an email, “We will be careful to follow CDC social distance guidelines for this event as well. It will be outside if necessary, depending on how many show up.”

For more information on the prayer and fasting, visit the church’s YouTube channel.