Gilbert High student charged with making online threats

A Gilbert High School student was charged with making threats after electronically distributing a digital picture with a menacing caption, according to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD).

The student — whose name will not be released becausehe is under age 18 — recently edited a picture of another student to include a message about shooting up the school, according to LCSD deputies.

On Wednesday, several Gilbert High students shared an image with school administrators, according to a release from Lexington One Schools. Students circulated the image through social media.

Gilbert High administrators notified the Sheriff’s Department through the School Resource Officer, filed an incident report, and contacted the parents/guardians of the students involved, the district release stated.

Deputies interviewed the student at the school Wednesday, and he was released to the custody of a family member.

Investigators learned that the student who appeared in the image was not the student who created the image and, according to the school district, did nothing wrong.

School administrators recommended the student who created the image for expulsion and immediately suspended him.

Lexington One School District encourages students and their parents to report any safety concerns to a school administrator, School Resource Officer, school counselor, teacher or another employee. The district also has established a Tip Line (803-636-8317), which students, parents, and others can use to report safety concerns anonymously.

Students can access the Tip Line online, by telephone, by texting information or by email, according to the district release.