Lexington County OKs aid for sidewalk, road repairs

A buckled stretch of sidewalk between Railroad Avenue and Church Street in Batesburg is on the list of projects to be funded by new aid from Lexington County.

Damaged sections of two sidewalks and a road in Batesburg-Leesville will be fixed by fall, thanks to $35,000 in aid from Lexington County.

County Council gave initial approval to the allocation earlier this month, with final approval expected in late March.

The aid will pay for:

  • Replacing 750 feet of broken sidewalk on North Peachtree Street between West Church Street and West Railroad Avenue. Trees whose roots damaged the sidewalks have been removed, according to Assistant Town Manager Jay Hendrix.
  • Repairing 200 feet of sidewalk on Charleston Avenue between Wilson Street and West Columbia Avenue. The project is near the Lexington Three school headquarters.
  • Fixing a small section of Brookwood Drive near a pair of housing complexes that Hendrix said has been washed out repeatedly.

It’s the fifth consecutive year that Batesburg-Leesville has received such aid for local improvements, with a total of $125,000 allocated in that period.

Seeking such help “allows us to press forward” with improvements that may seem small but are vital in enhancing safety for pedestrians and motorists, Town Manager Ted Luckadoo said.

Work will start shortly because all three projects are “as close to shovel-ready as you can be,” he said.

The aid comes from the county’s share of state gasoline fuel taxes that must be used for municipal projects.

Bateburg-Leesville and South Congaree are the only communities receiving aid this year for improvements totaling $95,000. Chapin and West Columbia also sought aid for new sidewalks, with all requests reaching slightly more than $608,000.

The competition for such aid was less than usual, surprising county leaders. 

“You can’t get it if you don’t ask for it,” County Administrator Joe Mergo said.