By way of introduction, I am a retired Assistant Director with SLED, and I have known and worked with Jay Koon for a number of years, having met him early in his career. I also know his opponent, and Jay Koon is by far the best candidate in the race.

Jay is a highly ethical and hard-working public servant who works hard for the citizens of Lexington County. I was so pleased when he offered for Sheriff of Lexington County and doubly pleased when he offered for re-election.

Jay conducts Lexington County’s business with fairness to all citizens. He is a fair-minded person who demands professionalism of himself and his staff. Jay has prepared himself through the law enforcement ranks, his college career, and the most prestigious law enforcement course in the nation, FBI National Academy.

Jay is a past President of the FBI National Academy Associates for South Carolina and proved to be an excellent leader in that position. Jay is familiar with budgets and will hold the department accountable to the citizens and be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money.

Jay has done a great job as Sheriff of Lexington Sheriff’s Office and is a true friend, but his work for Lexington County is not yet completed. I plan to vote for Jay Koon and encourage all of my friends and the informed citizens of Lexington County to vote for the best candidate for Lexington County Sheriff, Jay Koon, June 9, 2020.

Major Steven A. Smith, Assistant Director SLED (Retired)