COLUMN: Sharing blessings will bless you in return

Well, happy 51st anniversary to us last Sunday! We have been and continue to be so blessed all these years. Has every day been perfect? No, but God has seen us through many trials and challenges.

Just as His sun comes up each morning, so does He give us His mercies for the day at hand. Last July when he was so ill, I wondered just how much longer he would be with me, but we just need to take each day at a time.  We praise the Lord for His blessings!

We were able to attend our first church service Sunday. It was such a blessing to see dear friends and give God our praise. Of course, we sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness” as a part of worship. I could even sing the soprano notes! I used to sing solos, but that voice is passed, and I am now a deep alto. But hey, just sing where you can! We sat in metal chairs spaced six feet apart. We took our cushions! It was so encouraging to be there. 

Recently I read some interesting facts about the Jewish march out of Egypt.  I want to share these with you so when you are in doubt as to how God can supply our needs, just remember these. This is from God’s Wisdom For Today.

“There were anywhere from two to three million Israelites at this time.  That’s a lot of people! The Bible says they crossed the Red Sea in one night.  If they had crossed side by side in pairs of two, they would have formed a line over 700 miles long and it would taken them 35 days and nights to cross. To get that many people across in one night, they would have had to march 5,000 people side by side, which would have required God to open a path in the Red Sea three miles wide.

“Once they crossed the sea, a crowd that long would require a camping area of 750 square miles. It would require 1,500 tons of food per day to keep them from starving. It would have taken two freight trains, each one a mile long, to haul in the daily food supply. At today’s prices, it would cost around $5 million a day to feed them. It would require 11 million gallons of water for the bare necessities every day. If you figured one quail to each family of five, it would have required around 750,000 quail each morning.  There had to have been around 2 million gallons of manna that fell on the ground each morning.  Yet none of these challenges were too big for God!” 

And you think you have a lot of mouths to feed! A friend just texted me to drop by for some veggies. Two other friends gave us veggies last week, and I am going to another friends’ today to pick blueberries. We are so blessed!

Will you share with someone some blessings today? It will bless your heart!