COLUMN: Kids need to do chores to learn different skills

So, how’s your week been?  Hot and dry from last week but wet from this week?  God gives us just what we need.  Let’s enjoy His daily blessings.

I have been privileged to pick blackberries and blueberries last week.  It seems that they have really done well this season.  I am so thankful for friends who share God’s bounty with others and me.  I had fun making jam and freezing most of them for later use.  My blackberries are really late this season as they are just forming the green ones after blooming.  I don’t remember them being so late before but will enjoy them whenever.

One afternoon last week I saw one ripe and decided to let it stay there until the next morning.  Well, the next morning it was gone!  Hope the bird enjoyed it!  I will share with them.  We have two pairs of cardinals who feed from our feeder, and I have named them J.T. and Sara.  They are so pretty and I love how they play together!  J.T. calls them our welfare birds.  Whatever you call them, I enjoy watching them. 

I hope you have your children doing many chores each day.  Please don’t allow them to sit and do video games all day.  They need to learn how to do many different things and not get lazier and lazier. My two parenting tips this week hopefully will help you.

  • Tell them frequent stories of your past and how you made good or bad choices.  They love to hear stories and will remember them as they grow.  Share with them times when God really answered prayers or made a way in your wilderness.  Take time to reflect the legacy of your family.  These stories will remind them of “home” many years later.  I was not privileged to grow up with grandparents as I was the fourth child, and by the time I came along, grandparents were gone but J.T. was.  He has told so many sweet stories of time with his grandparents.  I remember when Morgan was about 4 and we had a Gideon speaker at church.  As we were leaving church, he asked me for a John Deere Bible. I didn’t understand at first and then I said, “Oh, you mean a green one?”  Yes, to him John Deere represented green.  You bet I got him that one!  Jesus used stories to teach His principles so follow the Best Leader! 
  • Help them memorize Bible verses and great sayings.  My Mama’s favorite parenting verse was “Be sure your sin will find you out!”  Papa’s was, “For I have learned in whatsoever state I am in; I will be content.”  Do you children know your favorite Bible verses, or do they just know your favorite cuss words?  What a shame for them to hear such bad words frequently!  What sayings do you use?  “It’s a sin to do less than your best!” would be one of my favorites.  Martin Luther is quoted as saying “You can’t keep the bird from flying over your head, but you can keep him from building a nest in your hair.”  Now, explain that one!  We can’t prevent the wild thoughts that come into our mind, but we can decide not to dwell on them!  Good and bad things first begin with a thought and progress from there.  When you find yourself thinking on negatives just press delete!  I frequently have to tell myself, Sara, don’t go there!  It is a choice. 

I hope these have helped you in your journey of parenting.  I am so appalled to be around children and adults who are so rude and crude.  Polish your children and yourself daily. 

See you around town,