COLUMN: How can you raise Godly children in this day?

Hey, rejoice in the Lord’s sunshine for a few days!

I love the rain and the sunshine. God knows just what we need and sends it to us. We may sometimes wonder, but KNOW He is in control! I have picked green beans twice now and still more coming in my little garden. What a joy for sure. I planted the seeds really too close to each other so am having a challenge getting to the far plants, but I figured it out.

Two friends gave me blackberries and blueberries last week. We enjoyed each berry. I made blackberry jam with some and ate some. I am promised more as well. JT ordered me two bottles of the low sugar pectin, so I am ready to make the jams. It is considered “non-essential,” so it’s not found in the stores too readily. We all need some sweetening, right?

Now that the school assignments are completed, make sure your kids have chores to do and don’t allow them to just sit and use their electronics. Please limit that time and keep them outside if possible. Lock the back door and don’t allow them to come back in until they are played out. I have a fire pit project in the making.

For the next few weeks, I want to chat about raising Godly children. You may agree or disagree with me, but I will be using Bible principles. So just who will you be disagreeing with — me or God?  They will not be in order of importance but just how I thought of them when planning this series:

  1. Use the verse in Psalm 101:3 that tells us, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes.” OK, now just what do you allow your eyes to see?  Please guard your own eyesight, and then you will be able to guard your children’s. Monitor what they are watching or reading. Don’t allow the games of killing and destruction. Those images remain in our minds forever. Our brain is like a blank piece of paper, and everything is recorded in our brain. If they are playing those games of destruction, those ideas will take root and our brain naturally seeks a solution. Don’t allow those to invade their brains. Teach them the difference between fake and real. Do they see you looking at horror movies? I have to choose even the good movies to watch because I find my brain rehearsing the plot for some time. Take the high road and not the low road of trash! 
  2. Expect obedience at all times. In Ephesians 6:1, Paul says, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.” I think this includes obedience to all in authority: police officers, teachers, babysitters, adults around your block, etc. We see so much disrespect in children and adults today. I have always said if you don’t teach a child to obey before they are 4, it’s almost a lost cause. Please make sure your children know their consequences of disobedience. Don’t just sit and laugh at their talking back; it sets a bad pattern. Whatever you promise make sure you carry it out. How many times have I heard parents tell their kids if you don’t, they will… and never carry it out?  No wonder the kids don’t trust adults. Make sure they obey those over them.

I think that is enough for today. Please raise Godly children. Will they stray from God? They may or may not. That’s their choice but you have laid the foundation. God gives us choices and still loves us, no matter what we choose. 

Hope to see you soon.