COLUMN: Life lessons from that first Easter Sunday years ago

Wow, what a storm Sunday night – and I slept right through it!

I heard some noise but didn’t wake up until daylight. I saw many of you lost power, but it was quickly restored. We are so dependent on electricity.  I enjoy merely turning a knob and have a hot oven.

Speaking of cooking, I guess you all did a lot of cooking for Easter Sunday even though it surely was different! During this stay-at-home time, it is so hard not to just eat and eat out of being bored. I really have enjoyed the saltines covered with ranch dressing as snacks. JT prefers the ones with taco seasoning but not me.

Please monitor your eating. I chatted with a lady in the grocery store last week, and she amazed me. She said she made her children be up and dressed by 8 a.m. and ready for their schoolwork. They could have a break at 10:30 and then back to schoolwork. Way to go, Mama!

For this week’s article, I want to share with you some things about the Easter story that really touched my heart. As Mary and the other ladies made their way to the tomb on the first day of their Jewish week, they came prepared with spices to anoint Jesus’s body. They could not have bought them the day before as it was their Jewish Sabbath and could do no shopping or work. They had either bought them before sundown on Friday or had them in their pantry. Either way they had a job to do and they were prepared.

It really didn’t matter to them that the tomb would be closed by a large rock; they were determined to anoint His body. I think they had been there when His body was laid to rest and knew exactly where the tomb was and went straight there. They went in faith that somehow, they would be able to get into the tomb to anoint His body. I guess I would say that the facts didn’t count!

When they arrived, they were shocked to find an angel there to greet them.  And the rock was moved! You know, if you really think about it, angels have been rolling obstacles from our way all our lives. We think a problem is too great for us and it is, so God just sends some of His angels to clear our path!  Without even realizing it, we move on and hopefully we give Him the glory.  Another fact about the stone to me is that it was not moved for Jesus to get out but for us to get in. He could and did just come right through that rock.  The grave could not hold Him!  Rejoice!

Another precious thought is we expect to find trouble and woe in every situation but no, God has other plans for us. The ladies just knew that Jesus was dead, but he wasn’t. Now, I know people die for real, but it is just their body. Their soul will live forever. Expect good for every situation. I believe there will be many good things from this coronavirus situation, just figure it out for yourself. 

 The angel told the ladies “He is not here!” Angels are constantly reminding us of His words in the Bible. Of course, we must put those words into our brain first, but then the appropriate words suddenly come into our mind.

I have sung so many of the old and some of the new hymns that are based directly on scripture, and they quickly come to mind in frequent situations!  I well remember a time when my Dad was taken to the hospital via ambulance and I was following behind.  The hymn, “Guide me oh, thou great Jehovah, lead me through this barren land. I am weak but thou are mighty, hold me with Thy powerful hand.”  It was such a joy to my heart. 

And finally, the passage where Jesus tells Mary to go and tell the disciples where to meet Him, and He specifically called Peter’s name to be included.  Remember how Peter had adamantly declared he would never deny Christ but then he did, three times? How many times have I declared something that proved to be plain wrong?

I am so thankful Jesus knows our weaknesses and still loves us anyway! He wanted Peter to know that he was still loved and was a part of His work on earth. Jesus continues to call us into His service if we will be listening and obey. 

Rejoice, He is risen, thereby proving that God had accepted Jesus’s death as payment of OUR sins!