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  3. I would like to know how there is a gym and hair salon that is open in Batesburg-Leesville and the govenor has said we are under stay at home still. The gym has been open the entire time and the salon was open last week..Do the cops here not notice this and enforce their closure. It really upsets me that tge people in this town are so not listening to whats going on. Walmart has all these people being counted going in and out NO SANITIZING WIPES TO WIPE BUGGIES DOWN AND TGE PEOPKE TGAT ARE COUNTING YOU GO IN HAVE SPRAY BOTTLES OF CLEANER BUT ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB BECAUSE THEY ON THEIR DAMN PHONES. Also they have people just gathering in aisles congregating and conversating and the sadder thing is the management 2 of them were in the middle of the 12 people that were huddled together…I understand rhat you arent going until GOD is ready for us however you can keep your distance and not put yourself in the midst of this thing. AND WHILE AT IT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WASHING YOUR DAMN HANDS ALL ALONG…AND WHILE THE POLICE ARE DRIVING AROUND AND STTING DOING NOTHING WHY NOT ENFORCE THE LAW. OR IS THE ONLY THING YALL DO IS BUST SHOPLIFTERS AT WALMART BECAUSE TGAT IS TGE ONLY PKACE I SEE THEM

  4. There is nowhere in this post that says gyms can stay or be open and hair salons either. The Governor’s most recent state of emergency declaration was issued on April 12 and was to expire Monday. All existing executive orders issued by the governor will remain in effect with the new state of emergency, unless or until they are otherwise rescinded, according to the Governor’s Office.

    Last week, Governor McMaster issued an executive order removing restrictions on public access to the state’s beaches, public piers, docks, and wharfs and re-opening multiple categories of retail stores that were closed in a previous order. Under last week’s order, retailers that could open with appropriate social distancing and occupancy guidelines were:

    Furniture and home-furnishings stores
    Clothing, shoe, and clothing-accessory stores
    Jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores
    Department stores
    Sporting goods stores
    Book, craft, and music stores
    Flea markets
    Florists and flower stores
    All other businesses previously closed by executive order are to remain closed until further notice.

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