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Mr. Ellis Stockman turns 100 this month!

Attention all Batesburg-Leesville High School students who attended B-L High between 1946 and 1977. Former Batesburg-Leesville High School principal, Mr. Ellis Stockman will turn 100 on Thursday, February 26. Mr. Stockman is an amazing man and I would like to encourage all of his former students, as well as former faculty and staff members, to take a few minutes to send Mr. Stockman a birthday card on this very special occasion. If you choose to send Mr. Stockman a card, please be sure and include your full name (including maiden name for ladies) and the year of your graduation or the year(s) of your employment at B-L High on the card. These cards will mean so much to Mr. Stockman and his family.

Please send all cards to: Mr. Ellis Stockman, c/o of the Batesburg-Leesville Lions Club, P.O. Box 3333, Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29070. Please also send your cards so that the Lions Club will receive them prior to February 26 so that they may present them to him at a function they will host.

Thank you in advance for your help in making Mr. Stockman’s 100th birthday so very special! Please feel free to share this post on your own Facebook Page so that it will reach as many former students and employees as possible.IMG_108219089040963 IMG_108222281121275